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Surprising results while looking at low flows in the river Rhine
July 18, 2018
 - ICPR discussed results on analysis in Solothurn (CH)
Benefits for two river basins by hydrological cooperation
May 18, 2018
 - Huaihe River Commission (China) and the International Commission for the Hydrology of the Rhine work together
New president CHR in charge
March 27, 2018
 - 1st Austrian president at the CHR
Floods in the Rhine
January 12, 2018
 - Pictures - in the Netherlands
Low flows in the Rhine
November 3, 2017
 - Science met practice in Basel
Morphodynamics of the River Rhine
October 4, 2017
 - Sediment budget analysis of the Rhine in the period 1991-2010 - from source to mouth
Annual report 2016 available for Download
September 18, 2017
 - The annual report of the CHR with a meteorological and hydrological description of the year 2016 in the Rhine basin has been uploaded to the website. You'll find the report under Publications.
Land flooded - Man before the catastrophe / Report available
August 4, 2017
 - Symposium report 'Human Perception of Singular Hydrological Events'. Can be downloaded from our publications page as report nr. II-23
ASG-Rhine Synthesis report
February 27, 2017
 - Quantified daily fractions  of the rain, snowmelt, and glaciers ice melt components of streamflow from 1901-2006 of the entire Rhine basin are available. The synthesis report is published, see I-serie (CHR reports).
Rhine-exhibition in the Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn
November 2, 2016
Online-Map of Switzerland - annual & actual data
August 18, 2016
 - Ideal basis for applications of economy, science, adminstration and for the public  
Heavy rain and floods in Rhineland-Palatinate in May/June 2016
August 10, 2016
 - Water level prediction in small river catchments is still a challenge
Final report ASG-Rhine available for download (08/2016 - in German)
July 8, 2016
 - The first phase of the project 'The snow and glacier melt components of streamflow of the river Rhine and its tributaries considering the influence of climate change' (ASG Rhine) that has been initiated by the CHR, has been finished. The final report (08/2016 - only in German) is available for download. The English version will be available later this year.
Annual reports 2014 and 2015 available for Download
July 7, 2016
 - The annual reports of the CHR with a meteorological and hydrological description of the years 2014 and 2015 in the Rhine basin have been uploaded to the website. You'll find the reports under Publications.
Glaciers melting faster than ever
August 7, 2015
 - University of Zurich domiciling the World Glacier Monitoring Service compiled more than 120 years on glacier changes.
An interactive Rhine Atlas online
August 7, 2015
 - Maps showing flood danger and flood risk from the Alps to the outlet into the North Sea
World Water Forum in South-Korea
April 17, 2015
 - Translating policies into actions: the case of the Elbe River
River Basins 2015 from 24-25 June at KIT Karlsruhe, Germany
February 18, 2015
 - The forthcoming meeting will focus on Monitoring, Modelling and Management of Pollutants.
Workshop on modelling mixed-sediment river morphodynamics 27-29 May 2015
February 18, 2015
 - From abrading particles to river profile concavity...
Lenght of the Rhine (Update 2015)
January 9, 2015
 - During the 65th meeting of the CHR in May 2010 the question of the real lenght of the Rhine was disussed as a result of the publication by Bruno P. Kremer 'Der Rhein - von den Alpen bis zur Nordsee'.